Scenic Tennessee's 2008-2009 Photo Contest:
Lands Worth Preserving

"Lands Worth Preserving," Scenic Tennessee 2008-2009 photo contest, was cosponsored by The Land Trust for Tennessee ( Since 1999, The Land Trust has helped preserve more than 118,000 acres of Tennessee’s natural and historic landscapes and sites for future generations. Its work includes conservation agreements, conservation education, planning and more. We also serve as stewards of protected lands, ensuring the landowner’s wishes and the conservation values of the property are upheld.

The objectives of the 2008-2009 contest were to:

  • Celebrate Tennessee’s characteristic yet too-often endangered natural and cultural landscapes
  • Showcase the photographer’s art in framing these views, capturing their meaning and inspiring others
  • Honor the role of land trusts in protecting special lands and increasing public awareness of their value

The contest's judges were:

  • Jeanie Nelson, Executive Director, The Land Trust for Tennessee
  • Joy McKenzie, Chair, Department of Photography, Watkins College of Art & Design
  • Nancy Rhoda, photojournalist and retired staff photographer for the Tennessean 

Lands Worth Preserving, Adult Professional Division

Lands Worth Preserving, Adult Amateur Division

Lands Worth Preserving, College/Technical School Division

Lands Worth Preserving, High School Division

Lands Worth Preserving: Middle School Division

Lands Worth Preserving, Special Category: Falling Waters