Living Legacies:
Capturing the Scenic Beauty of Tennessee's Civil War Heritage

Scenic Tennessee's 2011-2012 photo contest, cosponsored by the Tennessee Civil War National Heritage Area (www.tncivilwar.org), honored the 150th anniversary (1861-1865) of the American Civil War in Tennessee. The objectives of this contest were to:

  • Commemorate the sesquicentennial anniversary of the American Civil War across the state of Tennessee.
  • Help tell Tennessee’s full Civil War story, by capturing its military, homefront, occupation and emancipation landscapes.
  • Showcase the photographer’s art in framing, interpreting and deepening our understanding of those places and those times.

The contest judges were:

  • Dr. Spurgeon King, Associate Director, Tennessee Civil War National Heritage Area
  • Robin Conover, editor and photojournalist, The Tennessee Magazine
  • Mack Prichard, Tennessee State Naturalist Emeritus

Scenic Tennessee owes special thanks to the Heritage Center of Murfreesboro and Rutherford County, who not only hosted the judging but printed and framed the winning photos, mounted the traveling exhibit, funded the cash awards and hosted the opening reception. 

Living Legacies: Adult Professional Division

Living Legacies: Adult Amateur Division

Living Legacies: High School Division

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Living Legacies: Special Category: Preservationists' Picks